Hey guys today’s fashion hint is about colors that goes together
Here are some colors that blends together
*GREEN AND YELLOW:if your warm toned then focus on mustard,khaki and dark green while if your cool toned then sharpen up an outfit by adding bright yellow and iridescent green

*Pale Blue and Pink:Try a soft blue plain short sleeve top with pink jacket for a day look that will melt away any remnants of cold season.soften up a classic all black look with some pastel arm candy.layer your accessories and don’t be shy to add a combination of pastels.this color combination works well with a statement shoe to even out the color of palette

RED AND BLUE: Red and blue color combination are one of our all times favorable looks.Who can go past a classic Breton striped shirt?it is every bilt the quintessential french Chanel inspired look when added to a p[air of jeans and red blazer or, you can include a crisp white shirt underneath your jacked to highlight the brightness of red and contrasting blue of your jeans

COBALT BLUE AND TURQUOISE: Combine cobalt blue with turquoise and you have a color match that is powerful and bright. A regal blue dress,paired with a casual flat turquoise shoe will see you looking picture perfect regardless of the occasion.pair with a statement necklace and you will look superb

TAN AND MAROON: Tans and light neutral colors can be hard to style and leave you looking drab and fabulous but if you style them with a deep rich color like maroon, you will have match made in heaven. The key to keeping it exciting and suitable for all skin tones is to ensure you mix texture and hue so try a corduroy with a satin camisole. And while fashion trends usually advice you to steer clear of keeping the same color scheme from head to toe,this one look where you need not play by rules.


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